KVK Business Register extract

Overview of the details registered for a company or organisation.

What do you get when you order a KVK Extract?

  • A summary of the company’s registration data, such as its name and address, date of establishment, and in most cases its directors;
  • Information about the legal entity, the nature of the company and its registered office(s);
  • It is clear in the registration if no unsolicited mail advertising or door-to-do sales are wanted.
Order an extract

Find a company and select the type of extract you want. The procedure is only available in Dutch.

The types

View online

  • Up to date details on your screen
  • For your own use.
  • In Dutch.
  • Pay via your KVK account.
  • Not an official proof of registration.

Digitally certified

  • Pdf file.
  • For official use.
  • Also available in English.
  • Pay using iDEAL, credit card or via your KVK account.
  • Certificate remains valid when digitally forwarded.
  • Printing invalidates the certificate.

Paper certified

  • On special paper.
  • For official use.
  • You receive the extract by mail.
  • Also available in English.
  • Pay by invoice, or use iDEAL or credit card.


In the KVK tarriff overview you will find the price of all KVK products.

What can you do with a KVK Extract?

  • Obtain reliable information about a business partner;
  • Prove that your company is registered in the Business Register, for example when you apply for a business account with a bank;
  • Check who is authorised to sign contracts (authorised signatory);
  • Prove that your company or another company does not want to be approached for door-to-door sales or receive unsolicited advertising (Non-Mailing Indicator, NMI).


Want to know what an extract looks like? This PDF shows you all the varieties. 

Changes in laws

Changes in Dutch law may affect the contents of a Business Register extract. 

Frequently asked questions

That depends on the type of extract you order. The version for information purposes will appear on your screen immediately. The digital, certified KVK Extract will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 10 minutes after your order. The paper, certified extract will be posted to you the same day if you order it before 15:00 CE(S)T.

The English-language KVK Extract is not always accepted. This is partly because it does not contain all the details. In some cases, the English version must be accompanied by the Dutch version of the extract. Or certified with the stamp by a notary or embassy.

You should find out in advance if the party you are dealing with will accept an English-language extract.

Most of the standard terms, such as the address, name, powers, etc. are translated. Where that is impossible because there is no standard translation, you must use the Dutch-language extract. The details concerned are:

  • the description of the business (the SBI description is translated);
  • details of the restrictions on power of attorney;
  • references to judgments of a foreign court;
  • certain job titles of officers.

A KVK Extract shows a company’s details as they stand at the time the extract is requested. So if changes are made subsequently, the details in the extract will no longer be up to date. That is why most companies request an extract of no more than 1 month old.

You can print a digital, certified extract from the Business Register, but the printed document will not be legally valid. If you want to use the digital certified extract for official purposes, you must forward the original email with the document attached. This is legally valid and will usually be accepted.

If you cannot see the email attachment, click ‘Forward’ and send the email to your own email address. The attachment should now be visible. Save the extract and open it with Adobe Reader.

If you use an Apple computer, specific email settings may block an attachment.

Directors and supervirsory officials are only registered if the public legal entity runs a business. These are then listed on the extract from the Business Register. However, in the case of a public-law legal entity with many authorised representatives (for example, a hospital), not all authorised representatives are listed on the Business Register extract. The extract then states 'voor (overige) volmachten zie opgave'. You can request a full list of these authorised representatives separately from KVK. This costs €16.90. Many organisations also list their authorised represantatives on their own website.

The private addresses of officials of a legal entity are not open to the public. Only employees of administrative bodies, lawyers, bailiffs, and notaries can view this data. Find out more on private addresses.