Corporate deposits overview

An on-screen list of the documents a legal entity has filed with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK.

What is the Corporate Deposit overview?

  • An on-screen list of the documents a legal entity has filed with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. You do not receive the documents themselves. These you can order separately.
  • Supplementary legal information, such as the legal structure, registered office, and amount of subscribed capital.
  • Other information, for example about mergers and divisions.
Order the corporate deposits overview

Search by name or KVK number and select the product you want. This procedure is only available in Dutch.


Depending on what has been filed, this product consists of: 

Information about the registration

  • KVK number / RSIN number.
  • Name.
  • Date of registration.
  • Date of deed of incorporation.
  • Date of most recent change in articles of association.

Overview of filed liabilities

  • Date start and end of liability.
  • Name of the parent company.

Overview of filed documents per book year

  • Financial statements.
  • Declarations of consent.
  • Exemptions.

Overview of other filed documents and their filing date

  • Presentation of accounts.
  • Report of payments to public bodies.
  • Capital reduction resolution.
  • General terms and conditions, if available.


View the tariffs of all KVK products in the KVK tariff overview


No deposits overview will be visible if only the articles of association have been filed. This information is already available in the KVK Extract.

You can. You do have to pay the standard tariff

KVK Dataservice

KVK Dataservice incorporates this product in your ERP database or CRM customer software. This is fast, efficient, and lowers the risk of mistakes. 

Read more about KVK Dataservice or request the connection package straightaway (in Dutch).