View or change the details of your organisation(s), check the UBO(s) of an organisation, or start a new registration.

What can you do when logged in to My KVK?

View organisations

You will see an overview of the active organisations where you hold a position or where you are the owner (eenmanszaak).

View UBOs

A UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) is the ultimate stakeholder of an organisation. You can view the UBO(s) of an organisation if you are authorised to do so or if you are registered with the organisation as a UBO.

Read more about UBOs

Report changes

You can submit a request to change data per organisation. For example, adding another trade name.

Read more about changing data

Register a new organization

Quickly register a new sole proprietorship (eenmanszaak), general partnership (vof), professional partnership (maatschap), or other organisation via My KVK.

Read more about registering

Future developments

We are continuously working on improving our services. We are currently working on:

  • adding an appointment module so that you can complete the registration of a new organisation more quickly.
  • Adding group structures to the overview.
  • Developing a message box for status updates.

Frequently asked questions

DigiD is required to confirm your identity. In this way, we ensure that only authorised persons have access to data from an organisation.

DigiD and SMS verification

You can only log in to My KVK with DigiD and SMS verification. Do you not yet have this? Then first apply for DigiD and then for SMS verification.

What you can see

  • Active organisations
  • Organisations where you directly fulfill a position, according to the Business Register.
  • Organisations for which you are registered as a UBO

What you cannot’ see

  • Organisations that have been deregistered from the Business Register.
  • Group structures.
  • Organisations for which we are legally not allowed to show information. For example, when the organisation is in receivership.

Technical problems

Sometimes organisations are not shown due to a technical problem. We will do our best to resolve these as quickly as possible.

To be able to view UBOs you must:

  • be registered as a UBO with an organisation.
  • Be authorised to sign.
  • Sometimes you do not see UBOs because the organisation has not registered them. Not all organisations have to do this, for example, sole proprietorships.

This is currently not possible via My KVK. Buy a KVK Business Register extract or use the KVK Name checker (in Dutch only).