Mijn KVK

Use Mijn KVK to file your financial statements online and manage your settings. You also get access to the KVK Business Challenge.

Mijn KVK online portal

You just need your email address and a password to access Mijn KVK. After you register an account, you can use this portal to file your financial statements, take part in the KVK Business Challenge, and see the settings linked to your Mijn KVK account.

Filing financial statements

To file financial statements for a micro, small, or medium-sized business via Mijn KVK, you must first be authorised. Are you already authorised to file financial statements? Go to ‘Jaarrekening deponeren’ and start filing immediately (these pages are currently only available in Dutch). Are you filing a financial statement for a medium-sized enterprise? Choose ‘Mijn Tools > XBRL-jaarrekening’ and start filing immediately.

KVK Business Challenge

Take part in the KVK Business Challenge via Mijn KVK. This is where you can help large companies try to solve the challenges they face. KVK Business Challenge connects innovative entrepreneurs with larger companies with more budget and capacity. Through this programme, you can make contact with innovation managers and showcase your innovative products and services.

Future developments

Viewing your company details

It is not yet possible to see all of your business details in Mijn KVK. We are working hard to change that. If the legal structure of your business is an 'eenmanszaak' (sole proprietorship), you can see your company details in the My eenmanszaak tool.

Viewing your orders

To see your orders, access a previous order, or manage the balance for your access code, you currently need to use a Handelsregister account (in Dutch).

Frequently asked questions

You can use Mijn KVK to create an account online. To create an account, you need a valid email adddress. We also ask you for your first name and surname, so we can address you in our communication.
You will receive an email to activate your account within half an hour. If you have not received the link, check your junk folder.

Mijn KVK allows you to file financial statements via 'Zelf Deponeren Jaarrekening' (for micro and small enterprises) or prepare and upload XBRL financial statements (for medium-sized enterprises). In addition, you have free access to KVK Business Challenge. Here you can participate in monthly challenges where you share innovative solutions.

Furthermore, you can view and manage your Mijn KVK settings.

It is not yet possible to order Business Register products via Mijn KVK, or to view and manage your own business information.

Go to forgotten password to set a new password. To do this, you will need the email address with which you previously created the account.

Try to create a new account with the email address you want to use. If that does not work, use the forgotten password option to set a new password.

You can do this yourself.

  • Go to Mijn KVK
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Under ‘Account’, choose ‘Settings’
  • On the ‘Settings’ page, choose ‘Delete login details’
  • You must confirm your choice
  • Enter your password again
  • Click to confirm that you want to delete your account.

Your account has now been deleted. You no longer have access to My KVK.

We will remove your email address and password combination from our database. Without the email address and password, you will no longer be able to access Mijn KVK. In addition, you can no longer use the KVK Business Challenge.

However, you can continue to file your financial statements in the micro and small business classes using eHerkenning and access codes.

For your financial statements in the medium-sized business category, you file via SBR.

If you have a question or would like more information on how KVK handles your other data, please see our privacy statement.

You log in to Mijn KVK with your email address and password. With an access code you can only log in to the Business Register. That is where you can buy an extract or file your financial statement, for example.

Check out the frequently asked questions about filing your financial statements and using KVK Business Challenge.