Financial statements

A financial statement consists minimally of a balance sheet (or summary thereof). The larger the company, the more information is required for the financial statement, for example a profit and loss statement with an explanation from the company.

What do you get?

Order a financial statement

Search by name or KVK number and select the product you want. This procedure is only available in Dutch.


  • Pdf file.
  • Converted PDF - An XBRL financial statement converted to a pdf file. 
  • XBRL file - Compatible with software applications.
  • XHTML/ InlineXBRL or XHTML file - issuers of securities, or in Dutch Effecten Uitgevende Instellingen (EUI), have to file their annual financial statements in this format. iXBRL is compatible with software applications, XHTML is not. The XHTML / Inline XBRL annual financial statements are temporarily available via (see FAQ).

Only financial statements filed in pdf format or converted to pdf format are available as digitally certified files. 

  • Pdf file.
  • Printing invalidates the certificate.
  • Offers certainty that KVK is the issuer and that the document is unaltered.

Only available for financial statements filed as pdf files or converted to pdf files. 

  • Request by telephone on 0900 - 123 45 67 (€ 0.70 per minute).

The balance sheet and income statement, filed by the entrepreneur, are converted by KVK to a standard format. You can find more information (in Dutch) on what the standard financial statement contains in the handleiding jaarrekeningen (financial statements manual). 

  • The standardised statements comprise 1, 2, or 3 financial years.
  • Compare the figures for different financial years or different companies.
  • This version cannot be used for legal purposes.

FAQ (in Dutch)

The size of your company determines what information you need to include in your annual financial statements. See the overview of business categories.

You can order financial statements from up to 7 years ago. The date is counted from the first day of the calendar year following the filing date of the statements.  

You can order financial statements in bulk (in pdf and XBRL format). You can also request specific entries from standard financial statements, such as net profit or equity capital. Do you want to know more? Contact us

You can order annual accounts for all legal entities required to file financial statements, provided that they have complied with their filing obligation.

How you file your financial statement depends on your business size. In most cases, you have to file digitally. Micro, small and middel-sized companies have to file their financial statements digitally in the XBRL format.

Has the financial statement been filed digitally in the XHTML/iXBRL format? The financial statement is not available online yet. You can order it by sending an email to with the subject line 'Aanvraag jaarrekening EUI' (Issuer of Securities, Effecten Uitgevende Instelling in Dutch).

Include these details in your email:

  • name
  • mobile number*
  • statutory name of the company whose financial statement you want to order
  • the company's KVK numbmer.
  • book year.

* We need your mobile number because the financial statement is sent as a zip file via mSafe (a secured environment). 

KVK Dataservice

KVK Dataservice incorporates this product in your ERP database or CRM customer software. This is fast, efficient, and lowers the risk of mistakes. 

Read more about KVK Dataservice or request the connection package straightaway (in Dutch).