With which third parties does KVK share my personal data?

The Business Register is a crucial source of information for entrepreneurs. For example, they use it to check with whom they do business and to keep their client base up to date. This includes banks, insurers, telecommunication companies, energy companies, and business service providers. Information brokers supplying address files to third parties also use KVK data as a source of information.

All customers must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Telecommunications Act, and other laws and regulations when using Business Register data. Data users are personally responsible for this compliance. We inform data users about this in terms of use, among other things. See For providing data from the Business Register.

Public authorities

All public authorities are connected to the Business Register. They are required to use the data in the performance of their public duties, such as granting a licence or collecting taxes.

Service providers processing data on behalf of KVK

In our work, we are supported by other service providers. We only share personal data that is necessary for a particular task. We also have a strict agreement with those service providers regarding what they can do with this personal data. These agreements are laid down in contracts.

Here are some examples of the tasks performed by companies and people who help us:

  • designing, maintaining, and improving our IT systems, internet tools, and applications;
  • organising events, sending emails and mail, and producing videos and brochures;
  • carrying out customer research, such as surveys.

International data transfers

Your personal data will not usually be transferred to recipients in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If this happens, we take appropriate measures, such as contractual arrangements, to ensure that your data is adequately protected. On request, we will give you an insight into these measures. For more information, please email fg@kvk.nl.

Open data and the Business Register

KVK has made datasets available as open data (in Dutch) for reuse by third parties. The open datasets from the Business Register can be found on the government data portal and on our website.

Personal data in the Business Register may be blocked in certain circumstances.

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