Overview Standard Business Categories (SBI codes)

Every business that registers with the Business Register is given 1 or more SBI codes. An SBI code is a 4 or 5 digit number that indicates the business activities of a company. You receive an SBI code for every separate activity of your business. Use the tools on this page to determine your SBI code or codes. Do you wish to change your current SBI code? Read how that works.

Changing your SBI code

Your SBI code is linked to your business activities as registered in the Business Register (Handelsregister in Dutch). Do your business activities change? Report it like this:

We may request additional documentation before we change your SBI code.

What is my SBI code?

The easiest way to determine your SBI code is to use the tool developed by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Vind mijn SBI-code

Overview of all SBI codes

Another way of finding your SBI code is by checking the overview of all SBI codes:

The above files contain updates up to and including 2022.

Entering the SBI code in your financial annual account

You may enter your SBI code in the financial annual account you file with KVK. This is not required. Do you want to do so anyway? Then use an SBI code from this CBS list (in Dutch).

Potential consequences of changing your business activities

Changing your business activities may have consequences. For example, you may need (extra) permits and licences from the municipality, or other types of insurance. Your bank or pension fund may want to change the conditions of your account. And investors will want to be involved. Before you change your business activities, make sure you know what the consequences are, and discuss them with the (financial) institutions whose services you use.