My eenmanszaak

View the registration details of your eenmanszaak online. You can check and change the details easily. Login using DigiD (in Dutch) to continue.

Reporting changes

Changes you cannot yet report via My eenmanszaak

You cannot yet submit the following changes via My eenmanszaak:

  • shield or unshield your visiting address
  • register or deregister an authorised representative
  • change the details of an existing authorised representative (including title, name, address, suspension) 
  • register or close a branch office,
  • close or transfer your eenmanszaak,
  • change details of the branches (in case of multiple branches)
  • change the number of employees, and change the message box name

If you want to report 1 of these changes, use the online change portal (in Dutch).

View the details of your eenmanszaak online

Go to My eenmanszaak and log in with DigiD. Choose your eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) to view your data easily and for free. The data that you view online corresponds to the data as shown on the extract of the Business Register.

Instantly view, check, and change details

You will see all public data as can be found on the extract of the Business Register. This way, you can immediately check whether the information of your eenmanszaak is still up to date. If you want to change the data, you can do that right away.

Please note: the effective date of the change is always the date of submi s sion of the change. If you want to report a change for a different effective date, either in the past or in the future, use the online change portal.

Easily order an extract from the Business Register

Do you need a certified extract of your current registration? You can order this directly from the overview of your company. Have you changed your company details? Then you can order a certified extract with the new data from your company overview after the change has been processed.

If you do not have a DigiD

If you do not have a DigiD, you can report a change in your company details or the deregistration of your eenmanszaak via:

Submit a change without DigiD

Register a new eenmanszaak?

You can view the details of an existing eenmanszaak via this page. Do you want to register a new sole proprietorship? Go to Registering an eenmanszaak and follow the steps.

How do I report a change?

Watch the video (in Dutch only) and see the 10 steps for reporting a change in your eenmanszaak details. 

Changing your eenmanszaak details

FAQ about My eenmanszaak

You can use 'My eenmanszaak' to check the details of your business registration. Are the details incorrect? Report a change straightaway. To do so, click 'wijzigen gegevens' (change details) and follow the steps to report the new details. 

At this time, the online tool to view registration details is only available for eenmanszaken (sole proprietorships). This is also why it is currently called 'My eenmanszaak'. In future, other legal structures will be able to view their details online as well. For example, a bv, vof, association, or foundation will be able to use 'My business', as it will be called then. 

You can. When you have logged in to My eenmanszaak, click 'wijzigen gegevens' to start a step-by-step plan and report your changes to us.

Please note: the date on which you report the change, is automatically entered as the date on which the change takes effect. If you want to report a different date, either in the past or in the future, then please use Report a change.

DigiD is a secure way to establish your identity. KVK needs to ensure that only authorised persons have free access to their own KVK details. 

Apply for a DigiD at You need a BSN (citizen service number) or BSN-RNI for this. Also, you must have the Dutch nationality, or that of another country within the European Economic Area.

Do you live outside the Netherlands? You can still apply for a DigiD.  

If you do not have a DigiD, you cannot view your own details free of charge. Do you want to check your details anyway? Call our Business Register information line: 0900 123 45 67 (€ 0.90 per minute). If you are outside the Netherlands, call +31 (0) 88 585 15 85. You can also order an extract

To view the non-public details of your KVK number, you must visit one of our offices. You need to show a valid proof of identity. You do not have to make an appointment for this. After we have checked your ID, we will process your request and send you the details you have requested by mail.