Pension | Managing business risks

Have you arranged an income when you retire and end your business?

Annemieke Postema, owner of AOVdokter, explains pension if you are an entrepreneur. She answers questions on the various options for building up a pension. Watch the video and know what you can arrange as a self-employed professional without staff so you can enjoy a good income in your old age.

00:36 When should you build up a pension as a self-employed professional without staff?
00:54 You haven't built up a pension as an entrepreneur. What do you get then?
01:17 So how much should you put aside per month?
01:31 What ways are there to save for your pension?
02:11 You started as an employee and then became self-employed. What about your pension then?
02:27 The key points at a glance

As an entrepreneur, you run risks. But how can you minimise those risks?  In the series 'Managing business risks', experts give tips and advice on how to tackle and organise this. How to draw up general terms and conditions, which insurances are a must and how to arrange a good pension as a self-employed professional without staff?