Discover how to get business partners abroad

Your international ambitions require good preparation. Have you properly informed yourself about the business culture and laws and regulations in that country? How do you establish contact with international business partners and how will you cooperate? Corine van Voorbergen is an artist who creates extraordinary eye-catching works of art. Her art can be seen worldwide in galleries and museums and even in exclusive Louis Vuitton shops. How she manages to do that? That and more Corine tells in this episode.

You just got out of school, register at KVK and within a few years, your company grows into a successful international business. How do you do that? You can find out in the series Jong & Internationaal. Every episode, presenter Ciana Mayam visits a young entrepreneur doing business across the border. This series is a collaboration between KVK and Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland.

English subtitles are available.

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