How to find a commercial agent in Germany?

Various organisations can help you find commercial agents in Germany. For example, the German trade association for commercial agents, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Or you can take part in a trade fair in Germany.

Commercial agents will help you sell on the German market. Often, they already have a customer base in their country. They also speak the German language and understand the culture. After every sale, you pay the agent a commission.

Get help

The following organisations will help you in your search for a German commercial agent:

  • The Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb (CDH, in German) is the German sector organisation for commercial agents. Their digital platform connects suppliers and agents. 
  • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO can support you with a tailored market exploration. During an initial meeting, you discuss your questions and requirements with an RVO expert. You will then receive an overview of possible business partners. 
  • If you search the online database of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) you will find information on potential commercial agents. 
  • Consultancies focusing on doing business with Germany will also help you find suitable commercial agents. 

Trade fairs 

There are many international trade fairs in Germany. At a trade fair, you can quickly connect with potential commercial agents. Overviews of German trade fairs can be found on websites including Messen (in German) and AUMA.

Make an agency agreement

Have you found the perfect agent? Then put your agreements in writing in an agency agreement. This is the basis for your further cooperation.