Rules and regulations in international business

International business: how do you go about it? What are the rules and regulations to reckon with?

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These entrepreneurs are already trading internationally:  

  • Alicja (Narzuta) sells 100% sustainable linen plaids. 
  • Tom (Sea’sons) sells swimwear that changes colour, amongst other things.  
  • Kyra (Sweet Bunny) sells hair vitamins, dressed up as sweets. 
  • Rebeca and Kimberlyn (Transduce Aromas) produce and sell aromatic scents and scent dissipators.

Influencer Joshua Alagbe asks them about rules and regulations for international business. How do you find out what they are? Watch the series 'Doe maar Internationaal'.

In the series 'Doe maar Internationaal', Joshua Alagbe asks entrepreneurs what it is like doing business with customers in other countries. What are the experiences of these young business owners, and how did they get started? Are they going to conquer the world with their product or service? Watch the series and get practical tips to help you get started.

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