Bereavement Support Team: personal support in difficult times

The death of a loved one is the start of an emotional, difficult period for the bereaved. During this time, you also have to arrange many practical matters. If they were a business owner, for example, this also means the deregistration of the deceased from the Business Register. That is why members of the KVK Bereavement Support Team (‘Nabestaandendesk’) are ready to help and support you.

Deregistration of a deceased person from the Business Register

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK is an organisation that guarantees the reliability of data and it ensures the professional handling of any changes. Especially if it concerns a statutory task, such as the implementation of the Commercial Registers Act. A change such as the deregistration of a deceased person from the Business Register requires specific attention.

We understand that bereaved relatives only want to explain their situation once. To speak to someone who is considerate of what they need and who can help. The deceased may have been involved with various legal entities. It takes specialist knowledge to arrange this kind of complex deregistration.>

Get support at once

Our Bereavement Support Team are emotionally skilled and experienced in supporting bereaved relatives and business partners. Above all, we are ready to listen.

When a business owner passes away, the Business Register is automatically notified via the Personal Records Database. We receive around 500 reports per month. If a relative or business partner does not report a death to KVK, our team will take action and contact them. 

No matter if you contact us first or we contact you, all relatives and business partners will get the help they need.

“We see that bereaved loved ones are very relieved that they only have to explain their situation once and that we can immediately help them,” says a member of the KVK Bereavement Support Team. 

Contact us

If you have suffered a bereavement, contact the KVK Bereavement Support Team;

  • Send an email to
  • Include your name and telephone number.
  • Indicate which KVK registration number it concerns.

An employee of the KVK Bereavement Support Team will contact you as soon as possible.