Learning from experienced entrepreneurs

As your business grows, new challenges arise. Would you like advice or guidance on your next steps from experienced entrepreneurs? Then sign up for a non-binding introduction to the coaching programme at the Entrepreneurs Soundboard.

A step in the right direction

Entrepreneurs who want to strengthen and grow their businesses often find it difficult to find people to discuss this with. While sparring with an experienced entrepreneur can be particularly useful. It leads to innovative ideas and solutions. Successful entrepreneurs have often had a mentor who helped them. In turn, they are happy to pass on the learnings they received , without any commercial interest. Your growth challenges come first. 

What does it get you?

According to research by Erasmus University (in Dutch)and the experiences of people who have signed up for the programme, sparring with other entrepreneurs will get you the following business benefits:

  • New insights
  • More productivity
  • More effective decision-making
  • Greater stability
  • Faster and also sustainable growth

The right match

After applying, an advisor from the Entrepreneurs Soundboard (OKB) will contact you. To increase the chances of a good match, advisors take into account:

  • Personal need. Your request is leading.
  • Growth phase. Where are you and what will be your next step?
  • Expertise. What do you need to move forward?
  • Sector. Is your question sector-specific? What are the possibilities?
  • Local, national, or international. What suits your situation best?
  • Personal help with growth issues

Personal help with growth challenges

The introductory meeting is always free and non-binding. You may be able to deduct the costs of the sparring programme from your tax bill. During the introductory meeting, the OKB advisor looks at what you need over the next 6 months. At the end of the introductory meeting, you can indicate whether you want to go ahead with the sparring programme. If you continue, the advisors will pair you with an experienced entrepreneur or expert, who will help you further.