Reporting a board change in 6 steps

The KVK Business Register is consulted many thousands of times every day. Directors of an association are required to ensure that their organisation's details are accurate, as this is important for their liability and signatory authority. Reporting changes is becoming easier all the time.

Reporting a board change

  1. Have your organisation's KVK number handy or enter your organisation's name in the search screen.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary details of current and new directors on hand, including personal details (as shown on a passport or ID) and a copy of their ID.

    Tip: Do this when the people involved are meeting anyway, such as during a board meeting.
  3. Go to and follow the steps. If the board change also include an address, phone number, or email address change, make sure to update the necessary information.
  4. Print the completed forms immediately, sign them, and send them to KVK’s postal address. Include a copy of a valid ID for the new director(s) and of the person submitting the change. If you would like to receive a new, certified extract from the Business Register, please make this known. Important: the person submitting the change (a sitting director) must sign with ‘wet ink’. For other directors, a copy or scanned signature will be enough.

    After the change(s) have been processed, you will receive a confirmation by post.

    You can use your new extract to transfer bank authorisations and adjust any other records.
  5. Check if the new director should also be registered as UBO (ultimate beneficial owner). If the departing director is listed as a UBO, check if they should be deregistered as a UBO.