Risk management

Running a successful business means managing risks: you need a creditworthy customer base, you have to recognise signs of fraud at an early stage, and you need insight into group relationships.

Up-to-date customer information

You cannot do business without taking risks, but if you get a chance to eliminate risks like fraud, you should do so. Especially when it comes to who you are doing business with. You want the correct information beforehand. Sometimes it is even necessary to know who you are dealing with, for example, when you have to comply with certain legal requirements. If finding the right customer information is taking you a lot of time, know that there is another way. With the right tools, it is less time consuming than you might think.

With KVK Data services, for example, you can quickly find out:

  • who is authorised to sign on behalf of a business
  • whether a business is in receivership or has filed for bankruptcy
  • whether a business has been discontinued 

Financial insight

Do you know how your customers are performing financially? We have their filed annual accounts. Make the most of the information we have to offer and get to know your customer. And as a finishing touch, we also have information about directors and group relationships.


In addition to limiting financial risks, companies use KVK Data services to improve customer friendliness or application processing speed, to align their processing more closely with the customer journey. So-called prefillers will help you and your customer quickly fill in the right data when making an inquiry. Once an applicant enters their KVK number, the digital inquiry form will be filled in automatically. It is both customer-friendly and less error-prone. And by using online data to quickly check the applicant's risk profile, you can make your customer an offer more quickly.

Want to find out more?

Want to advance your business with KVK data? Contact one of our account managers. They’d love to explore your specific needs and will find the right solution for you. Phone 088 585 36 36, email: corporateaccounts@kvk.nl.