Business Register publications

Overview of changes at legal entities registered in the Business Register. F.i. incorporations, mergers, demergers, dissolutions, and changes in officers.

What does it get you? 

  • You gain insight into changes at legal entities. For instance, who is authorised to sing or has power of attorney, or changes in capital.
  • Based on this information, you can request financial statements, articles of association, or an company extract. 
  • Select by date, KVK number, or type of publication (for example, registrations, deregistrations, mergers, and demergers). 
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Viewing this information is free of charge. Additional information, for instance a financial statement, articles of association, or an extract, does come with costs. View the KVK tariff overview to see the tariffs for all KVK products. 


The publications appear 1 day after the changes have been entered into the Business Register. 

No, for filed documents the publication date is not the same as the legal filing date. To find out what the date of filing is, view the corporate deposits overview or the original financial statement

This is a glitch in our system. The information for 4 and 5 April is visible if you select 6 April 2016.