KVK Business Register Mutation subscription

A mutation subscription is a reliable business information resource.

What do you get? 

  • Reliable data from the prime source of business information in the Netherlands. 

  • Update your customer database every week or month to stay abreast with the latest changes. 

  • You choose which categories you want to update, such as address information, activity code, employee count, bankruptcies, and moratoriums. 

No longer available after 1 July 2024 

KVK Mutations subscription ends on 1 July 2024. KVK will replace the subscription by the new KVK Mutations Service. Our advice is that you do not order a mutation subscription. It is better to wait until 1 July 2024, when the KVK Mutations Service becomes available. 

More information

Would you like to know more about KVK Mutation subscription or KVK Mutations Service?


There are several different versions of the update subscription: 

  • a subscription based on KVK numbers provided by you 

  • a subscription based on a target audience defined by you 

  • a combination of these two versions 

You can choose between a weekly or monthly subscription.

Which file formats are available?

We deliver the database in 1 of the following file formats: ASCII, dBase, Access, or CSV (Excel). 


The tariff depends on the number of addresses and the frequency of your subscription. An overview of the costs can be found in the tariffs overview.