Address database categories

After putting together a set of addresses, you can determine exactly which extra categories you would like to receive. Several categories are provided as standard.

Standard categories (7) 

Register letter 

File number 

Branch number 

Company name 

Correspondence address (municipality code) 

Branch address (municipality code, municipality name, province code) 

Managing chamber number 

Additional categories (50) 

Main office/branch indication 

Reason for registration 

Legal form code 

Reason for deregistration 

Main activity code + description Secondary activity codes 

Date of incorporation 

Distribution function import 

Date of registration at current address 

Distribution function export 

Dissolution date 

Business indicator 

Dissolution indication 

Economic activity indication 

Reason for dissolution code 

Non-mailing indicator 

Dissolution type code 

Full company name 

Continuation date 

Full partnership name 

Moratorium indicator 

Telephone number 

Bankruptcy indicator 

Mobile phone number 

Moratorium start date 

Domain name 

Moratorium end date 

Employee headcount date 

Bankruptcy start date 

Overall employees class 

Bankruptcy end date 

Full-time employees class 

Registered office 

Exact number of employees overall 

Statutory file number 

Exact number of full-time employees 

Financial year in which financial statement was filed 

Overall employee headcount date 

Date on which financial statement was filed 

Overall employees class 

File number of filed financial statement 

Exact number of employees overall 

Company description 

contact person + Position code 

Financial statement type code 


Share capital 

Date of incorporation 

Posted capital 

Date of registration 

Paid-in capital 

Request additional categories

Contact us to request additional categories.