More favourable government guarantee for SMEs reducing energy costs through sustainability measures

Entrepreneurs can contact the ‘KVK Energieloket’ for information and personal advice

The government is introducing the SME credit scheme BMKB Green (‘BMKB-Groen’) to help entrepreneurs make their businesses more sustainable. By investing in this, SMEs reduce their often sharply increased energy costs in the short term. Entrepreneurs can make use of this scheme, depending on their financier, from 7 November 2022. In total, up to €200 million in guarantees can be provided. The Ministerial Council approved this scheme, proposed by Minister Micky Adriaansens (Economic Affairs and Climate) today.

Minister Micky Adriaansens (EZK): "Many SMEs face high energy costs. By making business operations more sustainable, you can reduce costs in the short term. To this end, the government is introducing the BMKB Green scheme, which guarantees investments against favourable conditions. We will also take over part of the increased energy costs via the price cap for small consumers and the Energy Costs Contribution (TEK) for energy-intensive SMEs. The ‘BMKB-Groen’ supplementary scheme finances the costs of sustainability."

The BMKB Green scheme helps entrepreneurs reduce energy costs for the longer term. For example, the loan can be used to purchase an electric furnace or make the business premises more sustainable. It is a favourable version of the regular BMKB scheme for entrepreneurs. For example, a guaranteed percentage of 67.5% on balance now applies to all entrepreneurs, so a 90% guarantee on 75% credit guarantee.

A higher guarantee percentage offers more opportunities to finance more entrepreneurs. There is also a lower standard commission of 2% for guarantees with a term of up to 6 years and a premium of 3% for guarantees with a term of more than 6 years up to a maximum of 12 years. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is 90% guarantor on a credit of up to €1.5 million per company.

SME sustainability necessary

Making SMEs more sustainable is important, not only to achieve the goals of the climate agreement. In fact, rising electricity and gas prices have made investing in sustainability a necessity. Many SMEs have no or insufficient resources to pay for this themselves. A loan can offer them a solution, but financiers are often reluctant, because investments in sustainability are not quickly recouped. So, the risk for the financier is higher. With the ‘BMKB-Groen’, the government offers a solution to these financing problems.


SMEs wishing to use the scheme must meet several conditions.

  • The BMKB Green scheme is available for companies with up to 250 employees (fte) with an annual turnover of up to €50 million or a balance sheet total of up to €43 million.
  • For investments in business assets, however, these funds must be included on the EIA list. This list can be consulted on the website of RVO.
  • Investments in business premises must lead to at least energy label C.

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Information for entrepreneurs via KVK and RVO

Entrepreneurs can contact KVK for information and personal advice. In addition to providing practical advice on business operations, KVK refers entrepreneurs to the subsidies and schemes at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO.