Registering an officer for a stichting or vereniging without a commercial business, or for a VvE

How to register directors and supervisory board members for a stichting (foundation) or vereniging (association) without a business, or for a VvE (owners’ association). Or an authorised representative for one of these legal entities.

  1. Report the appointment. The form states who is authorised to sign the form and which supporting documents you may need to enclose.
  2. Send the form, with a copy of the signatory’s valid ID and a copy of a valid ID belonging to the new officer to one of the KVK’s mailing addresses. You do not need to schedule an appointment with KVK.

Impact on (financial) institutions

Changing board members may affect the municipal permits, financing, insurance, pension funds, or the bank account of your foundation or association. Check the website of the (financial) institution in question to find out what to do if there is change to the board.

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