Changing your eenmanszaak details

In this video, we explain how to report a change for your eenmanszaak in 10 steps. We use changing your eenmanszaak's address as example. The video shows you how and where to log in, which steps you go through in the process, and how to sign your change.

00:33 Step 1: Go to the website ( 
00:43 Step 2: Log in using DigiD
01:04 Step 3: Overview of your details
01:19 Step 4: Changing your address
02:08 Step 5: Saving and signing your changes
02:19 Step 6: Checking and reporting your contact details
02:51 Step 7: To the signature service
03:05 Step 8: Sign and log in using DigiD
03:54 Step 9 : Confirm your identity with DigiD 
04:30 Step 10: Confirm