How to use the search engine

Through, you can search for company details, advice, and information about doing business and information about our organisation.

This is how our search engine works

When you place a search via, you search all of Fixed ranking factors determine the order of the search results.

Below the search bar you will find options to filter the results. This allows you to make the results more specific. The information on is divided into two sections: 'Handelsregister (Business Register)' and 'Advies en inspiratie (Advice and inspiration)'. The search page is currently only in Dutch, but if you search for English terms, you will also see results for pages in English.

If you only want to see information about businesses and companies, choose the filter 'Handelsegister'. If you only want to see advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs, events, and information about KVK itself, choose the filter 'Advies en inspiratie'.

Perform search

  • You can use the 'voice search' option (microphone in the search bar), if your phone supports voice control. This only works if you have approved this option on your phone.
  • You can use the combinations 'street number and house number' and 'postcode and house number' to look up businesses and companies.
  • After a search, you will see a maximum of 50 results, even if there are more. Make your search more specific or use the filter options to search more specifically. If you want to see more than 50 results, our KVK api is an alternative.
  • You can search for multiple words in one query. Each result found will include all the words entered.

Filtering results

If you want to make the search results more specific in addition to the chosen search term(s), you can use the filter options. By default, the 'Registered' filter for trade register results is on. You can disable this filter via 'Alle Filters'. The 'Alle Filters' link can be found below the search bar.

Using filters

  • After searching for a search term, you can click on the 'Alle Filters' link. The filter panel allows you to set different filters.
  • Ticking all filters within a category has the same effect as leaving all options blank.
  • In the search results, you will see the expired names only if you specify this in the filter.
  • The search results refresh instantly when you turn a filter on or off.

Search results from the Business Register

When you enter a name into the search bar, you will see multiple details per result, such as legal structure and address.

General information by result

  • Each Business Register result is accompanied by the KVK number.
  • The legal structure is listed for each branch.
  • For main and branch offices, we show the branch number.
  • If the search result is a head or branch office or a legal entity, this is listed in the search result. Other registrations do not have this information, such as vof (general partnership) registrations.
  • When a business owner has entered an activity description, we show it in the business details.

Address details

You can use the search bar to search by trade name. In most cases, the results will show an address: the visiting or postal address. If it is an address outside the Netherlands, the country is indicated.

Details of the company

  • The first line of each search result contains the name of the company you searched for. The link after this name refers to the page where you can order products from the head office or legal entity. This may be a different name from the search result if the search result is not the head office.
  • A search result may come up based on:
    • names
    • address details
    • KVK and/or branch numbers
    • The RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number)
    • activity description
  • In the case of deregistered companies, the branch is marked '... has been deregistered from the Business Register'. A company with several branches can have both deregistered and registered branches.

Search results focusing on ‘Advies en inspiratie’

  • The results we show with the 'advies en inspiratie' filter include articles, events, and documents on You cannot specify further with 'Alle Filters' here