Becoming a Hofleverancier (Purveyor to the Royal Court)

Vroeger waren Hofleveranciers ondernemers die aan het Hof leverden. Nu is dat niet meer altijd zo, maar nog steeds word je niet zomaar Hofleverancier. Zo moet je onderneming onder andere minimaal honderd jaar bestaan en mag er in al die honderd jaar nooit iets op aan te merken zijn geweest. Bijna 600 bedrijven in Nederland hebben het predicaat Hofleverancier. Maar wat betekent dat precies? En wat voegt zo’n titel toe?

In the past, Hofleveranciers were literally businesses that supplied the Royal Court. Those days are behind us, but it is still quite challenging to become a Hofleverancier. Only companies that were founded more than a century ago are eligible, and they must have enjoyed a spotless reputation ever since. Almost 600 companies in the Netherlands are official Hofleveranciers. But what exactly does that mean? What is the added value of being a Hofleverancier?

The title is a token of appreciation for your services to society and for how you do business issued by the Royal Court. As a Hofleverancier, you get to use the Royal Coat of Arms on your building, letterhead, and website. 

Marketing tool

In addition to serving as a badge of honour, being a Hofleverancier can also be a valuable marketing tool that represents your company’s values and shows its importance to the region. And people don’t have to take your word for it: they can take the King’s word! 

Tip!  Here are the stories of 5 entrepreneurs and how they became Hofleveranciers (in Dutch). 


You have to meet several requirements to be a Hofleverancier. First of all, only small or medium-sized enterprises with a regional character are eligible, they must have a spotless reputation and must have operated for at least 100 years, preferably under the same name. You can only apply for the title in honour of a special anniversary, such as a 100th or 125th anniversary. 
An impeccable reputation means, among other things, that your company has always paid all its bills and was never embroiled in legal disputes. 

For the exact requirements and the application procedure, visit the website of the Royal Court

Applying for the Hofleverancier title

You can apply for Hofleverancier status to the mayor of your company’s place of business. The King's Commissioner then thoroughly investigates you and your company and forwards your application with his advice to the King. The King ultimately decides whether you are awarded Hofleverancier status, and he may reject your application without stating reasons. The process from application to granting the status takes approximately one year, so make sure to apply well before your anniversary. 


Hofleverancier status remains valid for up to 25 years. After this period, you can apply for an extension, for which you have to go through the application procedure a second time. There are no annual checks or tests to prove that you still meet the requirements, but you are obliged to protect your good reputation. If you fail to do so, the King may decide to revoke your Hofleverancier status. 

Royal company

Large companies, associations, and foundations with national significance are given a different designation, namely ‘Koninklijke' or 'Royal'. These companies can include these titles in their company name and can use the royal crown in their logo.