I am under guardianship, can I register with KVK?

If you are under guardianship, you are not allowed to make some decisions yourself. That includes starting a business. You will need permission from your administrator or trustee to register with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK.

Administration and guardianship (bewind en curatele) are measures to protect people who cannot properly decide about their financial affairs or care. For example, due to an intellectual disability, problematic debts, or addiction.

Register a business with permission

Do you want to start a business? Discuss your plans with your administrator or trustee. Do this before you make an appointment at KVK. If the administrator or curator agrees, they will provide you with a signed statement. This shows that you have permission to start your business.

Additional documents required

Do you have permission? Then KVK registers your company the same way as entrepreneurs without an administrator or receiver. But beware, you need 2 extra documents to finish your registration.

If you are under administration or guardianship, you must take these 2 extra documents with you when registering with KVK:

  • A signed statement in which your administrator or trustee agrees to register a business in your name.
  • A copy of the court order showing that you are under administration or guardianship.

Without the documents mentioned above, KVK cannot register your company in the Business Register. Read more about registering with KVK