Kings Day: be a flea market boss

King’s Day is one of the most fun days of the year. Partying and selling stuff at the open-air flea market. Someone else is bound to love those books that you have long finished. Perhaps you could make some money by putting on a show: play an instrument, sing a song, or do a dance. If you manage to put a smile on people’s faces, they will gladly part with their cash. 6 smart money-making tips for to earn money on the vrijmarkt on King's Day.

The vrijmarkt only takes place on Koningsdag. As it is an open-air flea market like no other, it has its own name.

1. Sell stuff

Sell your own toys or take a tour of your home with your mom or dad. See whether there is any stuff that you no longer need. You can also ask your family and neighbours whether you can rummage through their attic or shed.

2. Make money with your talent

If you have certain skills that you would love to show off, this is your chance! Do you play a musical instrument, bake delicious cakes, or have spectacular dance moves? Show them off! And remember: it always pays to have someone pass the hat.

3. Secure the right spot

The best spot for your stall is one that gets lots of traffic. You will not be the only one with your sights set on the number 1 location, so set your alarm as early as you can and make sure you are first. You can stand out by decorating your stall with fake flowers, garlands, or balloons in striking colours like bright pink or neon orange.

4. Draw attention

Do your hair up and wear your most outrageous outfit to stand out more. The crazier you look, the better. Shout a catchy advertising slogan, like: ‘Not to be missed, Have your cake and eat it with Amy’s cakes! Or 'Try your luck, it only costs a buck!' If people see others buying stuff from you, they will be more likely to have a look too. Having lots of people at your stall will draw in even more potential customers!

5. Eye-catching prices

When people can clearly see your asking prices, they will be more likely to buy. Put price stickers on your stuff or make a large sign that says: 'Everything for 1 euro' or ‘Grab Bag: 1 euro'.

6. Advertise

Tell everyone who wants to hear that you will be selling stuff or performing at the flea market. Send people a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram beforehand. And remember to post lots of fun photos or shoot an awesome TikTok video on the day itself.