KVK Starters programme

Have you just started your business? Then you have a lot to deal with. Subscribe to the KVK Starters programme for support. You will receive a maximum of 12 emails during your first 100 days as a business owner.

Discover everything you need to know about starting a business in 100 days

What to expect?

At first, you will receive a few emails with general information about starting your business. For example, a handy checklist or tips for your administration. The emails after that will each have their own theme, such as taxes, insurance, or finding customers.

What will it bring?

The KVK Starters programme helps you start your business successfully. After the email series, you will know when to file your tax return, how to keep track of your hours, and which laws you have to deal with, among other things. In short, all the information you need to have a good start as a business owner.

Make your business a success

Subscribe to the KVK Starters programme. With the valuable articles, videos, and tools you will start your business with confidence.