Boosting your productivity

Staff shortages and rising costs demand a different approach to your business. Would you like to become more productive, but do you lack the time, money, or know-how? Read how to boost your company's productivity and income with digital solutions.

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How to finance it

FAQ about digitalision

When you digitalise business processes, you can get more work done with fewer staff. 

These are your options: 

Strict rules apply to online shops and platforms. These rules aim to protect consumers from false discounts or fake reviews, among other things. You need to make clear to your customers exactly what they are buying, how much it costs, and what the delivery time is. And if you have paid for online ads or search results for your business, you have to mention that as well. 

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) requires that you make sure all your products and services are accessible to handicapped persons. As of 2025, the accessibility act applies to all entrepreneurs. It also applies to the software and systems used by your staff. 

Do your employees need training so they can work with new digital systems in your business? The government can support you with subsidies, loans, free online training courses, and tax schemes. Check out the options open to you.