Video: Jop Bröcker roasts and packages sustainable coffee beans

Every other week, Jop Bröcker roasts coffee beans together with his colleagues at Brute Bonen. These beans are sourced directly from small-scale agroforestry areas. Once the roasting process is completed, he packages the beans in sustainable packaging which is compostable and consists of natural materials. In doing so, Bröcker and his business comply with the law prescribing that by 2025, a minimum of 65% of packaging must be recycled.

Long Story Short video series

Making sustainable choices is not always easy. In this Long Story Short video series, entrepreneurs from different sectors discuss what choices they have made and what they have learned from them. In the process, they provide tips for taking those first sustainable steps within your own business.

In 2023, the government expands the energy-saving obligations. Find out what you need to do with your business.