Video: Willemijn Wortelboer developed sustainable paint

During the transport of paint, paint manufacturers emit large quantities of CO2. Willemijn Wortelboer, owner of RAW Paints, soon came up with a solution to this problem. Wortelboer adjusted the production process for her paint and developed paint powder to which you add water only while you are using it. This adjustment is a major step forward in improving sustainability in the paint industry. Wortelboer shares tips on how you too can make your production process more sustainable.

Long Story Short video series

Making sustainable choices is not always easy. In this Long Story Short video series, entrepreneurs from different sectors discuss what choices they have made and what they have learned from them. In the process, they provide tips for taking those first sustainable steps within your own business.

In 2023, the government expands the energy-saving obligations. Find out what you need to do with your business.