Step 3 of 5 - UBO report preparation

What information and documents from the UBOs do you need?

Have you determined who the UBOs are for your partnership (cv, vof, or maatschap), EEIG, or shipping company? Read what information and documents you need for your report.

Copy or print all the documents you need to add to your report

  • Do you want to submit your UBO report online? Each document must be submitted as a PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP file. Maximum 9 MB per document.
  • Do you want to submit your UBO report by post? Print the documents in A4 format.

Documents demonstrating the interest of the UBOs in the organisation

A part of the contract which demonstrates the UBO status, or an extract from the Business Register if there is no contract.

In addition, in case of an indirect interest, add an organisational chart to make clear what relationship the UBO has with the organisation for which you are submitting the report.

Part of an organisational contract (such as the partnership contract).

Part of an organisational contract (such as the partnership contract).

Then you do not need to add any documents to the report demonstrating the interest.

You also need a valid ID of the UBOs

A valid identity document is a passport, identity card, Dutch driving licence, or document for aliens. Make a copy of this proof of identity. Does one of the UBOs have the Dutch and another nationality? Then use a Dutch identity document.

  • the BSN must be clearly visible
  • copy front and back
  • copy in full colour
  • the copy must be the actual size of the ID
  • you may blot out the photograph

A copy of ID is not required for changing or deregistering a UBO.

Which information do you need from the UBO?

  • first names and last name
  • Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • if the UBO does not have a BSN:
    • date, country, and place of birth
    • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    • nationality
    • residential address

You need these data to register, change, and deregister UBOs.

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