Inform and advise

We work for entrepreneurs. Based on their needs, we develop and provide our services (within our range of statutory tasks): information, advice and support. We have access to in-house expertise and extensive research data, and the Dutch Business Register is a major resource. Our services are geared towards the specific needs different types of entrepreneurs have, whether they are starting businesses, self-employed professionals (zzp-ers), small SMEs, larger SMEs or corporates.


We provide information on topics that matter to entrepreneurs: starting and taking over a business, innovation, international business, rules and regulations, financing and fraud. We use case examples entrepreneurs can relate to, to make them aware of the opportunities that new (digital) technologies offer, like Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), but also of the risks, for instance cybercrime. We offer relevant government information, specifically on new or changed rules and legislation, and tell entrepreneurs what the consequences are for their day-to-day practice. And we help them develop their business skills, focusing on money matters and fighting fraud.

Using online and offline channels

It’s up to the entrepreneur to decide how they want to contact the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. For quick and easy access to information and advice, our online channel is the main service channel. Think of the websites and, several apps, and online tools like the ‘KVK Krachtmeting’ (in Dutch). We also make use of chat and social media, to engage directly with entrepreneurs.

Our offline channels, like regional meetings and seminars, enable us to give entrepreneurs custom-made information and advice, supporting them in their needs. These gatherings are also opportunities for entrepreneurs to network and share knowledge and experiences.