KVK and its advisory boards

For KVK, the interaction between supervision, policy, and execution is essential for good performance. The Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) supervises the main lines of the policy pursued by the Board of Directors (Raad van Bestuur, RvB in Dutch), the execution of the statutory tasks, the realisation of these tasks, and the financial affairs.

We are managed on a national level, connected to regional links, with substantive input from our advisory councils. The works council (OR) represents the interests of the employees.  

A number of stakeholders, represented in advisory boards, are continuously consulted for input to turn the wishes voiced by entrepreneurs into concrete services with added value for entrepreneurs.

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Under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) falls the Board of Directors. The other 5 boards advise the Board of Directors. These are the Central Board, the Board of Advisers, the Regional Boards, the Partner Board Digitale Ondernemersplein, and the User Board of the Business Register.

Board of Advisers

The Advisory Board (Raad van Advies) is a sounding board for the Board of Directors and provides advice, both solicited and unsolicited, on strategic topics. The Advisory Board is designed in such a way that its members operate independently and critically towards each other and the board. Its regulations (in Dutch) contain information about the tasks, authority, and working method of the Advisory Board. 

The members of the Advisory Board

Rob Becker, chairperson of the Advisory Board
Area of expertise: finance

Marleen Crooijmans, member Advisory Board
Area of expertise: business operations and customers

Henry van der Ven, member Advisory Board
Expertise: IT

Central Board

The Central Board (Centrale Raad, CR) primarily has an advisory role in the implementation of our activities. In addition, the Central Board also serves as a sounding board for the Board of Directors, and its members act as ambassadors for KVK. The regulations (in Dutch) contain rules on the CR's duties, powers, and working methods. The Central Board is appointed by EZK.

Regional Boards

A Regional Board (Regionale Raad, RR) with an advisory role is active in KVK’s 5 working regions (North, East, Northwest, Southwest, and South). Based on their knowledge of entrepreneurs' needs, the Regional Boards are involved in choosing and prioritising region-specific activities.

Partner Board

The Partner Board consists of members from the main partners of the Digitale Ondernemersplein cooperation. This council advises the Board of Directors on the development and policy of the Digitale Ondernemersplein. As a supplier, KVK is a full member of the board, and as administrator, an acting member.

User Board of the Business Register

The User Board of the Business Register (Gebruikersraad Handelsregister) is made up of representatives of public and private users of information from the Business Register. It is the consultation platform for its users. This board can advise the Board of Directors on desired changes to relevant product and service offerings.