Notes to the Accessibility Statement

The following features were not included in the digital accessibility audit of These features are known to not yet or only partially comply with digital accessibility standards.

Ordering products

On, users can order products (such as Business Register extracts) through an order service feature. The order line is an ordering service for providing/selling Business Register information products. It is strongly intertwined with legacy components. This feature has to be completely revamped. A partially digitally accessible version was delivered in 2021. The process of requesting an access code/ordering account has not yet been made digitally accessible.

Accessible alternative

As long as the abovementioned features are not digitally accessible with a screen reader, visitors who wish to use these features will be offered an alternative in the form of a phone or e-mail/chat service. Need help reading or using a product? Contact the Service Centre at 088 - 585 15 85.

Applying for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI registration)

Entrepreneurs can apply for LEI registration through This procedure is not fully digitally accessible. Until it is, we will offer an accessible alternative.

Submitting changes

Entrepreneurs can submit requests via to change certain details, such as:

  • their personal page
  • order summary
  • bank account number
  • order account

These features are not yet digitally accessible. In the meantime, we will offer an accessible alternative.


As long as the any of the aforementioned features are not accessible digitally, visitors who wish to use them are offered an alternative in the form of a phone or e-mail/chat service.

New audit

Once the above features are delivered, they will be included in a new digital accessibility audit of 

The subdomain for Developersportal will be changed from to These 2 subdomains will coexist for a while, because the subdomain will be migrated step by step.