Our direction

Based on our registers, our information and advice services aim to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands can do business securely and responsibly. That is how we contribute to a healthy business climate. And this advances prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands. Now and in the future.

We serve as a guide and provide advice to companies and organisations that conduct business in order to make complex laws and regulations easy to understand and navigate. We also consult on financing, digitisation, cybersecurity, innovation, and sustainability.


The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) stands for secure and responsible business. In the pursuit of our mission, we serve as:

  • Administrator of registers (Business Register, LEI, and UBO) and interpreter of register data.
  • Guide to help navigate complex rules.
  • Independent and reliable source of information.
  • Valued partner in the Dutch economic ecosystem and infrastructure.


As an independent administrative body (‘Zelfstandig bestuursorgaan’, Zbo, in Dutch) we create added value for the Netherlands and Dutch society. Everything we do and stand for is centred on public values. Our work is responsive, reliable, and meaningful.

We steer organisations towards a responsible balance between the interests of the customer (and stakeholders), the employee, the client (ministries), and the organisation. We strive for contemporary and sustainable service provision and operations. To ensure this, continued digitisation at KVK is an important prerequisite.


Our strategy to achieve our mission is as follows:

  • Our services are geared to digital convenience, simplicity, and speed, with personal attention where necessary.
  • We have multiple channels of communication, taking into account the needs of various target groups.
  • We make laws and regulations understandable.
  • We are frontline advisers and guides.
  • We are a collaboration partner and serve as a well-connected liaison.
  • We administer registers to foster secure and responsible business. We perform our duties:
    • independently, reliably, and securely, offering high quality;
    • transparently, providing openness about what information we register and provide and how we do so: and,
    • with respect for the privacy and safety of individuals.

Annual plan

View our annual plans to find out about our goals for the coming year and how we intend to achieve those goals through concrete actions and means.