Branch number

Each branch of a business or legal entity in the Business Register has a unique 12-digit branch number. 

Where can you find the branch number? 

Search the Business Register (in Dutch) by company name, address, or KVK number to find the branch number in the search results. 
The branch number also appears in the Business Register extract, address selection, update subscription, and file comparison. 

New branch number format 

Previously, branches of companies or legal entities had a 4-digit serial number (sub-file number). Under the old system, this 4-digit serial number was combined with the 8-digit KVK number to form a branch number.  


Previous situationCurrent situation
  • KVK number: 12345678
  • Branch sub-file number: 0001
  • Branch number: 123456780001
  • KVK number: 12345678
  • Branch number: 321654871234

No branch number 

Many verenigingen (associations), stichtingen (foundations), VVEs (owners associations), as welll as some legal entities under public law do not have branches and, therefore, no branch numbers. Any legal entity that has a branch must officially register this branch. 


The branch number is linked to the KVK number, but not in a way that can be derived from the branch number composition. The KVK number is included in information products, such as the Business Register extract, if relevant. 

You do not have to use the branch number in your commercial activities. That means you do not have to mention the branch number on your stationery, invoices, or website. You do need to include the KVK number.