Convenant Brancheorganisatie Voor Professionele Bewindvoerders (NBBI)

Professional administrators may face intimidation, violence, or other threatening situations because of their profession. For this target group, working with ex-prisoners or clients with addictions, for example, has additional risk. Especially where the administrator is the bearer of bad news. In the case of such a threat, the administrator can shield the visiting address of their company or legal entity (with the exception of a bv or a nv) in the Business Register. A condition for this is that their professional association has agreed upon shielding criteria with KVK. The Nederlandse Branchevereniging voor Bewindvoering en Inkomensbeheer (NBBI) and KVK have set out these agreements in a covenant.

When are you eligible?

  • You are part of the professional group when you are registered as a member of the NBBI.
  • Or you have a declaration from the NBBI which shows that you are part of the profession group because of your work activities.

You can request to shield your visiting address with this form (in Dutch).