Covenant Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ)

The profession of journalism consists of professionals working or publishing in the media. Besides journalists, it also includes photographers, camera operators, publicists, cartoonists, writers, programme-makers, bloggers, and vloggers. This professional group may face foreseeable threats to persons (and their property and assets) who are part of the professional group as a result of, for example, intimidation, violence or otherwise. In the event of such a foreseeable threat, the professional can shield the visiting address of their company or legal entity (with the exception of a bv or a nv) in the Business Register. A condition for this is that the professional association of journalists has agreed on shielding criteria with KVK. The Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (NVJ, Dutch Association of Journalists) and KVK have set out these agreements in a covenant.

When are you eligible?

  • You have a NVJ-press card or national Police press card.
  • Or you have a declaration from the NVJ or Persveilig which shows that you are part of the profession group because of your work activities and are subject to a probable threat.

You can request to shield your visiting address with this form (in Dutch).