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Convenant Goede Doelen Nederland

Directors of charitable organisations may encounter intimidation, violence, or other threatening situations because of their position. In the event of such a threat, the director may shield the visiting address of their company or legal entity (with the exception of a bv or an nv) in the Business Register. A condition for this is that the sector organisation Goede Doelen Nederland has agreed on shielding criteria with KVK. Goede Doelen Nederland and KVK have set out these agreements in a covenant.

When are you eligible?

You are eligible if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You are a director of a charitable organisation that is registered as a (prospective) member on the Goede Doelen Nederland website;
  • You are a director of an organisation which, in a federative or association structure or in an administrative or statutory sense, belongs to or is affiliated with an organisation registered as a (prospective) member on the Goede Doelen Nederland website;
  • You submit a statement drawn up by Goede Doelen Nederland showing that you have been registered in the past as a director of a charitable organisation, as referred to above, and in that capacity can still be faced with a probable threat.

Download the request for shielding form (in Dutch).


A review of several news reports and surveys shows that members of charitable organisations may face threats because of their positions.