Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (KNB)

Civil-law notaries may encounter intimidation, violence, or other threatening situations because of their profession. In the event of such a foreseeable threat, the civil-law notary may shield the visiting address of their company or legal entity (with the exception of a bv or nv) in the Business Register. A condition for this is that the professional association for notaries has agreed on blocking criteria with KVK. The Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (KNB, Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries) and KVK have set out these agreements in a covenant.

When are you eligible?

  • You are registered in the register of notaryship;
  • You have a declaration drafted by the KNB which proves you were registered in the register of notaryship in the past and you (can) have a probable threat. 

You can request to shield your visiting address with this form (in Dutch).