Shielding a visiting address due to a clear threat

Has there been a clear threat to you or people you live with? Then you can apply to shield the visiting address of your business.

  • The following conditions apply to address shielding in the case a clear threat:

  • There is a clear threat to you or a co-inhabitant, which you can demonstrate. The proof may consist of a police report, or proof that the request concerns a person whose safety is being guarded by the police;
  • Shielding is possible for all visiting addresses of the business. Also if the visiting address and the private address are not the same;
  • Shielding is possible for all existing and new registrations and for new visiting addresses;
  • All legal structures can request shielding, bvs and nvs included;
  • A postal address must be listed alongside the shielded visiting address, for example, a PO Box.


KVK will try to keep this blocking period as short as possible.

Learn more about shielding your business address and the available options.

After your request, we will block your registration until the request for shielding has been handled. We will contact you personally to chart the situation. Fill in this form to request address shielding.

What does blocking entail?

When your registration is blocked, not only the address, but the entire registration is no longer visible in the Business Register. This can have negative consequences for you and for those who wish to consult the Business Register. For example:

third parties may not want to do business with you, because they cannot find you in the Business Register; the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) cannot assign vehicle registrations to your business; banks cannot verify your business registration; it is also not possible to request a KVK extract or to report changes.