Reporting changes

The Business Register contains information about all companies and legal entities. If something changes in your details, you must inform the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK as quickly as possible using a form.

  • change of address;
  • change of officer or director;
  • change of or addition to a business name;
  • addition or change of business activities;
  • deregistration, that is the removal of your details.

When submitting any changes, proof of identity, such as a copy of valid form of identification, has to be submitted as well. The applicant must be an authorised person who is listed as such in the Handelsregister.

Forms for reporting changes

You report a change using a form or online.

Send by post or bring in person?

The form states whether you may send it by post or must bring it in person. This is only possible by appointment. For forms that may be sent by post, you must always enclose a copy of a valid identification document of the person signing the form.