Dissolving a vof, cv, or maatschap

To dissolve a vennootschap onder firma (general partnership), commanditaire vennootschap (cv), or maatschap (partnership), follow these steps.

1. Check the consequences

Note: dissolving and deregistering the general partnership (vof), limited partnership (CV),  or shipping company may have consequences for your bank account, financing, insurance, pension fund, and municipal permits, among other things. For example, you will no longer be able to access your business bank account. You should therefore check the websites of these organisations first to see what the consequences of deregistering will be.

Are you planning to apply for financial support from your municipality? If so, it may be a condition that you are still registered in the Business Register. Check this too before deregistering the company with KVK.

2. Download the form 

Download form 17a: ‘Dissolution of a partnership or shipping company'

3. Fill in and send the form 

Complete form 17a in full. When you reach item 3.1, make sure that the form is signed by all (managing) partners. 

Send the form, with a copy of the signatory’s valid ID, to one of KVK's postal addresses

More information 

When you close a business, there are several things you have to take care of. We have listed various useful tips in the checklist for ending your company. We also have a special page on taking care of tax matters when terminating a business