Reporting the termination of a legal entity

Has a legal entity been dissolved and entered into liquidation? You have to notify KVK that this legal entity (bv, nv, coöperatie, onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij, vereniging, or stichting) has ceased to exist.

You do so after the liquidation process (in Dutch) has been completed. 

Download the form

Download Form 17b: 'termination of a legal entity'.

Fill in the form and send it 

Answer the following questions on the form: 

  • question 2.1: state the date on which the legal entity officially ceased to exist. This date must be at least 2 months after the date on which the financial statements and distribution plan (if applicable) were filed. 

  • question 3.1: state the details of the custodian of books and records. They are responsible for keeping the records of the legal entity for 7 years after it is terminated. 

The liquidator must sign the form. After completing and signing the form, send it to one of the KVK postal addresses along with a valid ID belonging to the signatory. 


If the dissolved legal entity’s UBOs are listed in the UBO register, you do not have to deregister them separately. KVK automatically assigns an end date to UBOs. 

Consequences for (financial) institutions

Terminating a legal entity has consequences: for example, what happens to your local permits, financing, insurance, pension fund, subscriptions, or bank accounts. Consult the website of the relevant (financial) institutions to find out what you have to do if you decide to end your legal entity.