Trend report on business, third quarter 2023

There were over 64,000 business startups in Q3 of 2023, down 3% compared to the same period last year. In contrast, the number of businesses that stopped went up with 6.9% compared to Q3 of 2022, namely over 29,000. Interestingly, the decrease in the number of startups can be seen in all age groups, except in the 60+ group. This is according to the KVK Trend Report Q3 2023.

The KVK Trend Report has been updated since 2023 and is now published on a quarterly basis. The new Trend Report provides insight into the development of the number of business branches, startups, closedowns, and bankruptcies in the Netherlands over the past 10 years. This edition compares Q3 of 2023 with Q3 of 2022. The report includes information on different business sectors and provinces. In addition, it shows the proportion of businesses in the Netherlands that are self-employed professionals without staff (zzp). Apart from these developments in business dynamics, the Trend Report also contains information on the legal structures, gender, and age of entrepreneurs and some business cycle indicators.