KVK filing portal for medium-sized companies phased out

Medium-sized legal entities are required to file annual financial statements via SBR, including their accountant's declaration. To do so, they can use SBR software available on the market, or the KVK filing portal for medium-sized companies (Opstelportaal). This portal is also known as the 'Opstellen XBRL tool'. In the near future, the portal will be phased out and replaced by an upload feature.

Why is the 'opstelportaal' being phased out?

At the Electronic Business Register filing decree consultation, VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland requested a transition period for medium-sized legal entities. A transition period of at least 5 years was deemed necessary to enable medium-sized legal entities, software suppliers, and intermediairies to adjust to filing via SBR. In mid-2021, an evaluation of the use of the XBRL portal for medium-sized companies demonstrated that this 5 year transition period would be ample. Since its launch in 2018, the use of the filing portal had dwindled to a mere 660 filed financial statements in 2020. 

Upload feature is the alternative

An upload feature will be made available for filing annual financial statements via XBRL and XHTML/iXBRL. This enables medium-sized and large companies to upload their annual accounts via the KVK Digipoort connection. Making use of this KVK connection does require identification in the upload portal of the person filing the statement. The validation of the financial statement takes place entirely inside Digipoort. In other words, the upload portal will be a KVK sluice into Digipoort.


KVK will not shut down the XBRL portal until the replacing upload portal is fully functional. It is not yet clear when this will be.