BMKB Groen scheme: invest in sustainability more easily

Due to high prices of electricity and gas, investing in sustainability has become more and more interesting. Maybe even necessary. Do you want to run your business sustainably and do you need to borrow money to do that? Up until 1 July 2027, the SME credit scheme Green (‘BMKB-Groen') is available. This scheme gives financiers extra security which makes lending you money easier for them. Read how the 'BMKB-Groen' works.

The ‘BMKB-Groen’ scheme

The SME credit scheme Green (BMKB-Groen, in Dutch) is a version of the regular SME credit guarantee scheme (BMKB). The ‘BMKB Groen’ is specifically meant for investments in measures to improve sustainability. With a credit guarantee scheme, the government covers the financial risk in case the financier does not get the money from the loan back. With the ‘BMKB-Groen’ the amount guaranteed is higher and the duration is longer than for the regular BMKB scheme. This means your financier has a lower risk and will grant you a loan more easily.

Green investments

You can use the ‘BMKB-Groen’ for green investments. These include:

  • Company resources that are included in the EIA energy list, such as heat pumps, electrical energy storage, and mirror cameras for transport on the road.
  • Other resources that you cannot buy separately from the energy investments in company resources (maximum of 50% of total investments).
  • Adjustments or replacements of company buildings to at least energy label C.

You do not apply for the ‘BMKB-Groen’ scheme yourself. Your financier, the authority that grants you the loan, does that. Lenders can apply for the scheme until 1 July 2027.

Conditions ‘BMKB-Groen’ scheme

The following conditions apply to the ‘BMKB-Groen’ scheme:

  • The loan is no more than 1.5 million euros.
  • Your company is located and active in the Netherlands, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, or Saba.
  • You have no more than 250 employees.
  • Your annual turnover is no more than 50 million euros, or the total on your balance sheet is no more than 43 million euros.
  • You are not active in agriculture, fishing, public healthcare, real estate, or the financial sector.

What ‘BMKB-Groen’ costs

A credit guarantee from the government is not free. You pay your lender a fee, which amounts to a percentage of the loan. This is:

  • 2% in case of a maximum term of 24 quarters.
  • 3% in case of a term of 25 – 48 quarters.

Where to apply for your loan

These banks and non-banking institutions (in Dutch) can apply for the ‘BMKB-Groen’ scheme. Get in contact with your lender for more information.

Want to know more about sustainable business?

For information and personal advice, you can reach out to the KVK Advice Team. Consider other subsidies and schemes for sustainability as well.