Investment budget

An investment budget provides insight into which business assets you will need in the coming years. And what expenses are involved. You look 1 to 3 years ahead. This can help you plan and manage your finances. An investment budget is part of your financial plan.

Making an investment budget in 3 steps

Your investment budget consists of long-term and short-term business assets. Company assets in your financial administration are referred to as assets. There are fixed and current assets.

Are you an entrepreneur for VAT purposes? Then you include all amounts exclusive of VAT in your investment budget. The VAT that you pay to suppliers is included as 'voorfinanciering btw' (pre-financing of VAT). You can deduct this as withholding tax on your VAT return. Are you not an entrepreneur for VAT purposes? Then you include all amounts including VAT.

1. Fixed Assets

Determine what fixed assets you have. Fixed assets are assets that have been in your company for more than a year. For example, your computer, inventory, company car, deposits, or goodwill paid in the event of an acquisition. For some investments in business assets, there are tax schemes that provide financial benefits.

2. Current Assets

List your current assets in your investment budget. Current assets are assets that remain in your business for less than a year. This includes startup and opening costs, outstanding customer accounts, stocks, and VAT pre-financing. Startup and opening costs are one-off costs that you incur before you make a turnover. Think of costs for market research, notary costs, consultancy costs, and costs for having your website built. It often also includes costs of living in the first period after you start. Recurring costs such as promotion costs do not fall under startup and opening costs and are therefore not included in your investment budget. You state these costs in your operating budget. 'VAT pre-financing' is the VAT that you have paid on your investments. Also take into account unforeseen costs.

3. Ask quotations

Support large investments with quotations. Especially if you are looking for external financiers. Request quotes from 2 to 3 suppliers to make a choice.

Example investment budget

Fixed assets

Amount in euros
Machinery, equipment, tools8,000
Computer equipment5,000
Company car10,000
Inventory (desks, cabinets)5,000

TOTAL fixed assets


Current assets

Startup and opening costs5,000
VAT pre-financing6,000

TOTAL Current Assets




Video: Make a financial plan: investment and financial budgets

Call in help

Do you need help drawing up your operating budget? You can engage a bookkeeper or accountant via the Dutch Association of Accountants and Tax Experts NOAB (in Dutch) or the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants NBA.