KVK Guide for business financing

Do you want to apply for a business loan to fund your plans? Find out how to go about this with the KVK Guide for business financing. Make sure you are well prepared when you apply for your loan.

Finding appropriate funding for your business plans can be tricky. Do you need funding to start a business, or to cover working capital? You can choose from several types of financing for each purpose. The Guide explains how you prepare a loan application and what criteria financiers will apply in assessing your plan. You will also find a list of funding types in the Guide, ranging from bank loans to crowdfunding and from factoring to microcredit. 

Steps to get funding 

The KVK Guide on business financing contains more information on the steps involved in the funding process: 

  • Determining your funding needs. 

  • Preparing your funding application. 

  • Choosing a form of financing. 

  • Taking a critical look at each of your loans annually. 

Benefits of the Guide 

  • Clear explanation of the various stages of the business finance process. 

  • Everything you need to know about preparation and applying for business finance. 

  • Information on various forms of financing. 

  • Easy access to in-depth information. 

  • List of organisations that might be able to help you. 

  • Published by the leading independent source for businesses. 

Enlisting help 

Help increases your chances of obtaining funding, and with the right advisor and a good financial rationale, you will get your finance application approved in no time. These advisers will help you get started.