Who will help write my financing application?

You are starting a business or want to grow your business. To do that, you want to borrow money. You can ask a bank, another financier, or an investor. They all require a clear financing application. You can prepare such an application yourself. You can also ask for help. From a financing adviser, for example. They will know what to look out for and what information to submit. Who can you contact?

Accountants and administration firms

Ask your own accountant, bookkeeper, or administration firm for help. They are familiar with the financial details of your business. Keep in mind that not every accountancy or administration firm is a specialist in business financing. So, ask if your adviser has experience in preparing a financing application. Is that not the case? Then look for a financing specialist via:

  • NBA: Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  • SRA: Samenwerkende Register Accountants en Accountants-Administratieconsulenten, a network organisation of independent accountancy firms in the Netherlands.
  • NOAB (in Dutch): Nederlandse Orde van Administratie- en Belastingdeskundigen, the trade association for administration and tax consultancy firms.

Certified business finance specialists

Seek help from a specialist in business finance. They will have an extensive network of financiers and offers financing solutions and guidance. The market of financial advisers is large and the quality varies. That is why the Foundation for SME Financing (Stichting MKB Financiering, in Dutch) has the Quality Mark Approved Financing Advice SME (Keurmerk Erkend Financieringsadvies MKB, in Dutch).

Do you choose an adviser with a quality mark? Then you can be sure they are professional and knowledgeable. The adviser follows a code of conduct and abides by agreements on rates, commissions, and confidentiality.

Financial coaching

- Entrepreneurs Soundboard (Ondernemersklankbord, OKB): Advisers from OKB have worked in various sectors and industries. They take a look at your credit application and give advice on its content. They suggest alternatives and ensure you have a financial overview. An OKB adviser does not submit an application for business credit themselves. But in some cases, the adviser does accompany you to the meeting with the financier.

- Qredits: Coaches from Qredits advise on the business loans provided by Qredits.

Sector organisations

- Koninklijke Horeca Nederland: KHN advises members on financing options. For example, through a beer brewery, crowdfunding, or the bank.

- Koninklijke INretail (in Dutch): INretail helps members to find (alternative) financing. For this, they combine industry knowledge with a Capsearch financing tool.

- Koninklijke Metaalunie (in Dutch): Metaalunie helps members with credit applications, finding alternative sources of financing, and negotiating with the bank.

These organisations speak on behalf of 3 major industries (hospitality, retail, and metal). Are you active in another industry and do you also want to apply for a business loan? Ask your own industry organisation how it might help with your financing application.

Credit unions

A credit union is a cooperative that brings together lenders and entrepreneurs in need of credit. Successful entrepreneurs offer funding, contacts, knowledge, and experience. That way, they help fellow entrepreneurs in their own region who want to apply for a business loan. Every entrepreneur who needs a business loan and joins the credit union gets a coach. This is usually one of the lenders. You can find a credit union through:

Preparing your financing application

Are you going to submit a financing application? Then research what the financier looks for when assessing it. And use the information from business.gov.nl on preparing a financing application for your business.

Or ask your questions about arranging financing to the advisers at the KVK Financing Desk: 0800 10 14.