Tool: calculate your hourly rate

Setting your hourly rate can be a challenge. Too high, and you may scare off potential customers. Too low, and you may not earn enough. Use this tool to calculate your hourly rate. The net income you aim for is the starting point. Note: the tool is only available in Dutch.

Calculating your hourly rate


Your hourly rate determines how much income you generate from your business. This tool uses the net income you aim for as its starting point. You can compare and calculate several alternatives.

How does it work?

Fill in the net income you want to earn and the number of billable hours per year. The tool calculates the hourly rate on the basis of these data.

For whom?

For all entrepreneurs who work with an hourly rate. For example, zzp'ers (self-employed professionals) who bill by the hour. Or entrepreneurs who use an hourly rate in their quotations.

When setting an hourly rate, factors like market, experience, competition, and quality come into play. Discuss the result of this calculation with a financial adviser. The tool offers an indication. You cannot derive any rights from the outcome of the tool. Read more about setting your hourly rate